The Happy PA Academy 25 Category 1 CME credits

The Happy PA Academy primes current and soon-to-be-graduate PAs to achieve profound career happiness and resilience against burnout.

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In the 8-week transformative journey from ordinary PAs to exceptional leaders in medicine, this coaching program guides PAs to lay the foundation for their careers, curate a step-by-step plan to eliminate student loan debt, find supportive jobs that nurture leadership development, articulate their worth to employers without fear or overwhelm, and embark on a wealth-building journey towards becoming a PA millionaire.

I was able to gain the confidence to ask for a 20K raise as well as an additional week of PTO and I couldn’t be happier. You’ll get a return on your investment tenfold
Tasnim Surgical PA

Is this you?

  • Less than 5 years as a PA or approaching graduation in 6-9 months
  • Constant fear of lawsuits, fatal mistakes, and burnout
  • Dream of being a PA millionaire, but don't know how to start investing
  • Long hours, countless patients, intense stress, minimal support, endless admin tasks
  • Work per-diem, nights, weekends, and holiday shifts; sacrificing personal time and chronic exhaustion
  • Overwhelmed by student loan debt with no clear repayment strategy
  • Overworked and underpaid, but unsure how to negotiate for better terms
  • Seeking better work conditions, but unsure how to articulate your expertise during interviews and contract negotiations
  • Fear that colleagues and patients view you as inexperienced and lacking confidence
  • Chose the PA profession for career growth, but feel behind in life
You’re trapped in a joyless practice with unrealistic new grad expectations - and minimal support staff or resources - solely to pay off your $150K+ student loan debt - and maybe treat yourself to a coffee if the bonus check is big enough.

The roadmap to loving your PA career is simple (but not easy):

  1. 1
    Eliminate student debt in 5 years or less
  2. 2
    Prioritize your mental health and family before work
  3. 3
    Seek positions with valuable mentors + competitive compensation
  4. 4
    Champion your own, unique career path
  5. 5
    Overcome People Pleaser Provider tendencies
  6. 6
    Build a 7-figure net worth
I was able to secure a $10,000 sign-on bonus, an additional 5 days of PTO, and have restrictive clauses removed from my contract. I would take her program 1000 times over again. Sam's course changed my perspective on job search and negotiation and how I set up my PA career.
Sarah S. PA
I must say that HPA is 100% worth it for what you get in return. After joining and working with Sam I feel like I have an upperhand compared to any other applicant I'm going up against even if they are way more qualified than I am. I'm prepared to confidently walk into an interview, market myself, and advocate for a work life balance and a competitive salary with benefits that I didn't even know existed before this.
Allison 2nd Year PA Student
I ended up getting the job I wanted with a $12,000 higher salary. I also got malpractice insurance paid for by my employer, which is huge. Having HPA motivating me to see my worth and what I can bring to the table, even as a new grad, really helped to portray myself well in my interview. I would definitely recommend HPA to all PAs, especially new grads.
Taylor W. OB/Gyn PA

By the End of This Coaching Program, You Will Have:

  1. 1

    Financial Proficiency

    • Design a 5-year repayment strategy to tackle $150K+ in student loans.
    • Set your debt repayment on autopilot and map out a decade-long investment journey.
    • Forge a strategy to achieve PA millionaire status within a decade of clinical practice.
  2. 2

    Career Navigation

    • Identify ideal work environments and employers that foster early career development
    • Confidently communicate your expertise to potential employers to secure your ideal position
  3. 3

    Negotiation Mastery

    • Master the art of leveraging interview feedback and employment contract details to enhance your compensation package
    • Use specific language with potential employers to attain competitive salaries, superior benefits, and optimal working conditions
  4. 4

    Operational Excellence

    • Emerge as a medical leader who streamlines workflow, balances work/life dynamics, and establishes firm boundaries with both employers and patients to boost productivity and patient care

Hi, I’m Sami Ngo...

I’ll be your coach and guide through The Happy PA Academy.

I firmly believe that clinical medicine is the first chapter of your PA career; not the entity of it. That is why...

I’m on a mission to create a million PA millionaires.


I envision a world where PAs are pioneers, not just in clinics but as entrepreneurs, educators, and visionaries.

HPA results from PAs that took control of their careers...

It is one of the best investments you can make, I would do it a million times over. I personally feel like the financial investment I made in this course I will get back multiple times over based on what I’ve learned in the contract negotiation and job search modules alone!
Katie 2nd Year PA Student
It’s exceptionally applicable to new graduate PAs as well as PA’s who’ve been practicing for a few years. There’s definitely some tips and tricks I wish I would’ve known before I started working
Heather Hospitalist PA
You are learning how to find jobs, how to look out for red flags and green flags when you’re doing those job interviews, how to negotiate your worth, how to read contracts, and just overall have a better work-life balance.
Tram ER PA

In PA school, shadowing your preceptor or seeking consults from physicians on complex cases wasn't considered cheating—it was an essential part of your education.

Similarly, in the real world, modeling the strategies of PA millionaires isn't cheating; it's a blueprint to career satisfaction.

The HPA Curriculum

Claim 25 Category 1 CME credits

Our online curriculum walks you step-by-step through every process of your new grad journey, from landing your ideal job to negotiating your compensation package to paying off your student loan debt.

  1. Lesson 1 - Burnout
  2. Lesson 2 - Job Search
  3. Lesson 3 - Interview
  4. Lesson 4 - Employment Contracts
  5. Lesson 5 - Negotiation
  6. Lesson 6 - Time Management
  7. Lesson 7 - Student Loan Repayment

The HPA Coaching

Once a week, Coach Sam, Coach Kat, and the whole HPA Community gather for face-to-face group coaching sessions:

  • Hands-On Contract Assistance: We provide a sample 18-page employment contract and simplify it for you. Together, we dissect the offer, and help you craft your first counter-offer.
  • Interview & Negotiation Practice: Real-time practice sessions to get feedback on word choice and conversation strategy.
  • Socratic Discussions: Challenge and shatter limiting beliefs about money, negotiation, and self-worth.
  • Collaborative Insight: Sam, Kat, and all the HPA students share personal experiences from our PA and finance journey.
  • Open Q&A: Of course, there’s time to answer any burning questions that come up.

The Crowd Favorite

Live Guest Sessions: Sam invites esteemed guests (who she met through expert network strategies that you’ll learn, too.)

Our guest sessions span a variety of topics - from medicine content to financial insights and even exploring side hustles. What's more? You get unlimited access to all past session replays.

The HPA Community

A place where real connections are made with PAs just like you - $150K+ student loans, hunting for the right job, eager to start their wealth-building journey and hungry for 'something more.'

You can trust this high caliber group of PAs who graduated from all different PA schools throughout the country.

Our coaching style has you engaging with your peers, picking their brains for insights and experiences that will polish your next interview, finesse a contract, or impress your coworkers.

Foster friendships, grow your industry network, and meet the next generation of PA leaders and PA millionaires.

Here’s what you keep Post-HPA-Graduation

  • Begin your PA journey with 25 Category 1 CME Credits from The Happy PA Academy
  • Access to curriculum modules + Live Session replays for one year
  • Lifetime access to an exclusive community of like-minded PAs
  • 70+ page workbook - fit with graphs, facts, figures and slide decks - to supplement the curriculum
  • A sample 18-page employment contract AND 1099 sample contract + real negotiation email samples
  • A sample 10-year financial roadmap to break free from $150K student loan debt while investing in your Roth IRA, 401K, HSA, and brokerage accounts.
  • Assignments and checklists for investing

The New Generation of PA Millionaires

Claim 25 Category 1 CME credits with The Happy PA Academy

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We're confident that The Happy PA Academy will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your career and financial goals.

But, if for any reason, you're not satisfied with the program, simply send us an email to request a full refund.

The Ugly Truth

Corporate Medicine is a ruthless happiness thief - eager to rob your love for medicine.

Corporate Medicine prioritizes profits above patients.

They demand you work long hours, manage a high patient volume with a skeleton crew, and still deliver 5-star service to your patients. These unrealistic expectations not only increases your risk for burnout, but also increases your risk for lawsuits.

As a PA, your strongest defense against Corporate Medicine is to transform yourself into a self-made PA millionaire.

You're being called into a society of other medical visionaries, where we strip off the shackles of student loan debt, burndown Corporate Medicine systems that lead to burnout, and pioneer the future of medical leadership.